Disney and Netflix: A New Partnership on the Horizon?

Disney is currently exploring the possibility of re-establishing a partnership with Netflix. After five years since the end of the licensing agreement, the company is considering making its valuable content available again on the world’s most popular streaming platform.

In 2017, Disney launched its own streaming service, Disney+, marking the end of its collaboration with Netflix. During these five years, titles such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist were still available in the Netflix catalogue, but as Disney ended up seeking to strengthen its own platform, the focus was turned to Disney+/

However, with a crisis at Disney that has lasted a few years, the scenario is changing. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the company is in talks with Netflix to possibly renew the licensing agreement. But there is one important detail: if a new contract is established, Disney will take a more conservative approach to what will be licensed. This means that we will not see all Disney titles in the Netflix catalog, but rather a strategic selection.

For fans, this news is intriguing. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Disney classics and Marvel movies again on Netflix? However, Bob Iger also emphasized that original productions from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars continue to perform exceptionally well on Disney+. These titles are fundamental pillars to the continued success of Disney’s streaming platform.

Disney’s decision to reconsider licensing comes at an interesting time. Recently, Warner Bros. Discovery also began licensing HBO titles to Netflix again, indicating a trend toward greater collaboration between streaming services.

In addition to Netflix, during a recent company earnings call, Bob Iger announced a plan to unify Disney+ and Hulu. A test app will be launched soon, seeking to offer subscribers a seamless experience. Without a doubt, it is a market in constant change and Disney is more than right in seeking the best positioning for its content.

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