John Lennon’s Last Words Revealed in Documentary

In a poignant revelation, the last words of legendary musician John Lennon have come to light, shedding new insight into the tragic events of December 8, 1980. The former Beatle, known for his iconic contributions to music and peace activism, was gunned down outside his New York City residence, The Dakota apartments, by the disturbed fan, Mark David Chapman.

Jay Hastings, who worked at the reception of the building in Manhattan, heard Lennon’s last words, who allegedly shouted “I was shot” before falling to the ground.

“He ran past me and said: ‘I was shot’. There was blood coming out of his mouth. He fell on the ground. I turned him onto his back, took off his glasses and placed them on the table. Yoko was screaming, ‘Call an ambulance, call an ambulance, call an ambulance!’”

Taxi driver Richard Peterson, who witnessed the crime, said: “Lennon was getting in and a boy said: ‘John Lennon’. He was a big guy. I was looking at him through the front window of my taxi. Suddenly he fired. This guy just shot John Lennon.”

Lennon was just 40 years old and had just returned from the Record Plant Studio with his wife, Yoko Ono, when he was shot four times. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Roosevelt Hospital.

The series promoted by Apple TV + also includes audio from John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, who talks about his reasons for shooting the singer.

Asked by his legal team why he shot Lennon, Chapman refers to the Beatles song when he says: “All You Need Is Love, have you heard that? Well, that’s what I say: all you need is love and $250 million. He was the biggest, fakest idiot that ever lived.”

The killer also said he was inspired by the book The Catcher in the Rye, by JD Salinger, in which the protagonist Holden Caulfield hates “falsehood”. Chapman, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder before trial, was sentenced to life in prison. He was denied parole 12 times.

The forthcoming Apple TV+ documentary, Lennon: Murder Without A Trial, promises to delve deeper into that fateful night, with the concierge of The Dakota building breaking their silence for the first time. Through their testimony, we glimpse the humanity behind the headlines, the fragility of existence, and the enduring impact of John Lennon’s artistry.

Note: The documentary is set to premiere on Apple TV+ soon, inviting audiences to revisit that tragic night and explore the enigma of John Lennon.

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