Madonna revealed she was in a ‘coma’ this summer, thanks friend for saving her life

In a candid revelation during her recent concert, Madonna, the iconic Queen of Pop, disclosed a harrowing experience that unfolded this summer. The music legend, known for her resilience and boundary-pushing artistry, shared how she found herself in a life-threatening situation, only to be rescued by an extraordinary friend.

Madonna’s words echoed through the packed arena as she addressed her devoted fans. “There is one very important woman who dragged me to the hospital,” she declared, her voice filled with gratitude. “I passed out on my bathroom floor, and I woke up in the ICU.”

While the details surrounding Madonna’s health scare remain shrouded in secrecy, it is clear that her condition was severe. Infectious disease expert Dr. Deborah Birx shed light on the urgency of the situation. “Bacterial infections can move very rapidly in the body,” Dr. Birx explained during an interview. “They can cause the patient’s blood pressure to drop dramatically. Often, people die in that critical moment.”

The pop icon spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit, battling a bacterial infection that threatened her life. As news of her hospitalization spread, fans around the world held their breath, hoping for her recovery.

Madonna’s journey continues, and her fans stand by her side, grateful for the music, the resilience, and the friend who refused to let her slip away.

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