David Corenswet’s Superman Physique Revealed in New Training Photo

Personal trainer Paolo Mascitti has shared a jaw-dropping image of actor David Corenswet as he continues his rigorous training regimen for the highly anticipated film, Superman: Legacy. The photo, which has quickly gone viral on social media, showcases Corenswet’s remarkable transformation into the iconic superhero.

David Corenswet, known for his roles in The Politician and Hollywood, is no stranger to the spotlight. But his latest endeavor as the Last Son of Krypton has fans buzzing with excitement. Corenswet’s commitment to embodying Superman’s physicality is evident in this striking image. Although fully clothed, it’s impossible to miss the impressive muscle definition and bulk he has achieved during his intense training sessions.

David Corenswet’s Superman Physique Revealed in New Training Photo

Corenswet’s casting as Superman was met with enthusiasm from fans worldwide. While he has remained tight-lipped about his involvement in Superman: Legacy, the actor previously expressed his aspiration to don the iconic red and blue suit. In a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Corenswet revealed, “It’s my sort of pie-in-the-sky ambition to play Superman one day.” He also praised Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the character but hoped for a brighter and more optimistic take on the superhero.

Superman: Legacy, directed and written by James Gunn, promises to be a thrilling addition to the DC Extended Universe. Co-starring alongside Corenswet is Rachel Brosnahan as intrepid reporter Lois Lane. The film will also feature María Gabriela De Faría as The Authority’s Angela Spica (aka The Engineer) and Nathan Fillion as the Guy Gardner version of Green Lantern.

Superman: Legacy is set to soar into theaters on July 11, 2025. As the countdown begins, the question on everyone’s mind remains: Can David Corenswet truly embody the invincible hero we all know and love?

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