Joaquin Phoenix compares Napoleon to a teenager in love and reveals details of his research

Napoleon Napoleon

American actor Joaquin Phoenix is about to conquer cinema screens with his portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte in the film “Napoleon”, directed by Ridley Scott. In an exclusive interview with a small group of journalists in Paris, Phoenix shared fascinating insights into the process of bringing this iconic emperor to life.

A Complex and Controversial Emperor

Napoleon, the man who shaped European history, is often portrayed as a ruthless and strategic leader.

However, Joaquin Phoenix surprises us by revealing a lesser-known facet:

“He was very socially awkward. I consider him a romantic with a mathematician’s brain,” said the actor. This intriguing combination of human characteristics makes Napoleon a captivating character for Phoenix.

Love and War Letters

One of the most moving parts of the film is the complex relationship between Napoleon and his first wife, Josephine, played by the talented Vanessa Kirby. The letters exchanged between them, preserved for posterity, reveal a surprisingly vulnerable side of the emperor.

“I wanted to be honest, but his letters… he sounds like a teenager in love, almost plagiarizing poetry,” Phoenix noted. “There would be something almost moving if he wasn’t responsible for the deaths of millions of people.”

The Intense Search of Actors

To bring Napoleon to life, Joaquin Phoenix immersed himself in complex research.

“It’s very difficult to get a clear answer about a lot of things,” the actor explained. He sought “inspiration more than information”, exploring details such as the emperor’s eating habits and peculiarities.

After all, how could someone who built an empire write such passionate letters?

A Unique Perspective

Phoenix concluded: “I imagined (Napoleon) to be cold and calculating, like a great military strategist. What surprised me was his sense of humor and how immature he was.”

This multifaceted vision of Napoleon promises to captivate audiences and remind us that, behind historical events, there are complex and contradictory human beings.

The film “Napoleon” opens in theaters with Joaquin Phoenix playing yet another complex character from world culture.

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