Dandadan will get an anime in 2024; check out the trailer

Dandadan is about to make an epic leap from the manga pages to anime screens in 2024, leaving fans buzzing with the news! The adaptation of Yukinobu Tatsu’s popular manga is being produced by the Science SARU studio.

Animation studio Science SARU is known for its creative and visually bold approach. With titles like “Devilman Crybaby” and “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!”, they have a reputation for innovation. Now, they are leading the production of Dandadan. Director Fūga Yamashiro is at the helm, and the talented Naoyuki Onda will handle character design. The combination of these professionals promises a unique experience for spectators.

The original Dandadan manga made its debut in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ digital publication in April 2021. It has since captivated readers with its intriguing premise and eccentric characters. With 129 chapters published to date, the series has already gained a loyal fan base. The 11 volumes compiled so far are just the beginning, with two more volumes on the way. Furthermore, five of the Japanese volumes have already been translated into English, increasing their international visibility.

Check out the first teaser:

“Momo Ayase is a somewhat private student. She lives with her “grandmother” who works as a medium and raised her with the belief that spirits and demons are not just figments of the imagination. One day she meets and helps Ken, a classmate school who is marginalized and bullied by his classmates because he is convinced of the existence of aliens. The two, who at first don’t believe they have much in common, challenge each other to prove the existence of their supernatural beliefs and, suddenly, find themselves involved in a war between factions of hidden creatures of planetary proportions! Will they be able to survive among demons, aliens and very unique schoolmates?!”

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