League of Legends’ Newest Champion Is an Emo Artist

Riot Games, the masterminds behind the ever-evolving world of League of Legends, have once again stirred excitement among players and fans. Their latest creation? Hwei, the visionary, a mid-lane mage with a brooding, emo design and a complex kit themed around painting.

The Artistic Collaboration Behind Hwei

Artistry requires dedication, and Hwei’s design is a testament to the collaborative efforts of multiple creative minds:

  1. Narrative: The narrative groundwork for Hwei was set by Jared “Carnival Knights” Rosen, former Principal Narrative Writer. The finishing touches were provided by Riot “orkidian” De Leon, known for their work on Nidalee and Varus voiceovers.
  2. Concept Art: The concept artist Sojyoo (who previously worked on Zeri and other champion skins) laid the primary groundwork for Hwei. After her transition to VAL projects, Lonewingy took over, contributing to Hwei’s visual identity.
  3. Gameplay Mechanics: Hwei’s gameplay mechanics went through an intriguing journey. Initially, Riot Maxw3ll started working on them but had to switch modes before completion. The baton was then passed to Jonathan “EndlessPillows” Fuller, who continued until leaving Riot. Finally, the relatively unknown duo of Hoboboy and Emizery refined Hwei’s gameplay mechanics.

Hwei’s Artistic Journey

Hwei brings a unique style of artistry to Summoner’s Rift, contrasting sharply with the Virtuoso, Jhin. Riot Lexical aptly describes it: “After all, art requires a certain… empathy.” Hwei’s character is shrouded in somber mystery, and his art promises to be visually stunning.

What to Expect from Hwei

While we await the official release, here’s what we know so far:

  • Role: Mid-lane mage
  • Theme: Artistic and brooding
  • Potential Gameplay: Riot hints at a completely unique gameplay experience within the mage category.
  • Lore: Hwei’s lore revolves around his artistic journey, promising depth and emotional resonance.

As the curtain falls on Season 13, Hwei steps onto the stage, brush in hand, ready to paint the mid-lane in a new light. League of Legends players, prepare for a fresh artistic adventure!

Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into Hwei’s story and abilities. The rift awaits, and Hwei’s canvas is ready to come alive.

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